Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New To Blogging, How To Use Widgets

So your new to blogging!-Welcome to a fine hobby or even occupation.
All our widgets work on 99% of the blog platforms out there. But as a beginner you
might wonder how to implement a widget. The image below shows the LAYOUT
section of a blogger blog. Word Press has a very similar design. You must add an html
box to your sidebar so that you can copy code to your blog. Just click add a gadget

and choose:
Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
By Blogger 

A Slideshare On Widgets

Paste your widget code into the box which opens and add a title if desired
A 5 Video Tutorial On How To Use Widgets

How To Improve Your Web Ranking With Widgets You might wonder why I wrote this. When I started creating widgets at widgetbox my first focus was, a cool widget that worked. After I got the hang of creating one and people started using them I looked at their pages. Then I did a source view of the code. Low and behold there was my title of the widget and a description in the html. Sometimes people even labeled the widget for me.Search engines like to see as many back links as possible for good ranking. The engines see my .com and other information about my widget in code on multiple sites. By creating a simple link back to my site inside the widget. I improved my ranking by having others use the widget. People who like what the widget does spread a link back to site for me. It's nice to have a widget you have created that people really enjoy, like my Super Sexy Women widget. I added up my total widget views-came to about 250,000. That has translated into lots of hits to my websites- And better ranking in every major search engine. If you have the skill to work with html,Flash,or javascript. You should consider becoming a widget developer. Well done widgets get thousands of views It can only help any website that distributes them. Properly down of course!

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