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Custom Widget Generator-Easily make your Own Widget

Click the Open Editor button below,click source to change to html. Copy the code in the text field below
paste it into the editor. Then click source again. You can now input your information into your new widget.
When you are done-click source copy the html and paste into an html box on a blog.

Use Our Tools To Edit

One issue with web based programs
in a new window is that copy and paste
causes your editor to minimize
you can keep windows "ONTOP"
with this program called Desk Pins. It works
with win7 and before-try it if you have windows8.

Copy and paste this code into the blog editor

Creates Single Table 180 by 450
Just change the table width and height below to suit.

 Test My Code

Something a bit more razzle dazzle in an html frame
You can paste java scripts into frames which scroll
or manipulate slideshows-Put in your own links,
insert images, call other widgets-Just keep the width 180
to 200 for a sidebar. If you want to call images into
a widget you need a place to upload them to. Websites
are great but they cost a fee. This site tinypics is free
and I have been using it for widgets for over 4 years.
I use it for blog and website backgrounds, animated
gifs, and optimized web images.
..........................................................Some Imagination in HTML
Your Title HereRock Me
Your text,links,java script,flash, even sized video goes here. Insert a marquee, with a java script in it.
Text outside the marquee command stays static
Rock Me

Copy and paste this code into the editor............Some More Super Frames with Backgrounds Here


Copy and paste this code into the blog editor Test My Code

 This is my sample widget created
 with the blog editor and the frame code above

Use Our Popup Blog editor and custom Frame To create your own Widget! Just click get widget

Hello There

Widgets Of Value
Works Hard
To Help You Create
Great Stuff !

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