Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Statistical Package For Blogs And Websites

I have been using add free stats for over 10 years. It is reliable, super functional
and I couldn't recommend it more!.

Very Simple And Free!-Click here To Get Started

You add the HTML code for AddFreeStats to your website pages. Each time a visitor accesses your website page, the AddFreeStats HTML code is collecting information about your website visitor and calculating statistics about your website in real-time.

You can view your website statistics, at any time, by clicking the AddFreeStats button displayed on your website or by logging on your AddFreeStats account. You can let anyone view your web stats , or protect your statistics by providing a password.

The HTML code is very simple to add to your existing website page: It's just a matter of cutting and pasting HTML code, that we provide to you, into your existing website page code.

AddFreeStats released a WordPress plugin! See your wordpress blog stats in real-time! AddFreeStats WordPress Plugin

AddFreeStats analytics

 AFS on your mobile!

Now at any time, you can check your free web stats on your mobile. To do this, type: from your mobile! Learn more

 AddFreeStats Analytics

AddfreeStats Analytics provides to Webmasters free statistics in real-time on their website visitors. See the real-time demo!

Now you can keep track of how many people visit your website, when they come, how they found your website and much, much more... All our website statistics reports are in real-time!

AddFreeStats Analytics allows you to select the tracker design displayed on your website pages: invisible or visible this is your choice! and It's absolutely free!

Get your AddFreeStats account now: Sign up!

Established in 1999, AddFreeStats Analytics, free website statistics provider, has become a leader on the market. More than 900000 Websites are tracked by AddFreeStats!

For professional and ecommerce websites, we released an advanced version of AddFreeStats under the name: 3DStats.3DSTATS.COM Analytics offers to its clients an advanced technology for real-time measurement and analysis of their website traffic.

Latest Features:

  • Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet, Game Consoles detection.

  • Smartphone VS Computer report.

  • Search engine referrer shows up like: S.E.->Keywords

  • OS and browser databases updated.

  • Visitors on Map.

  • Monitor your Website statistics on your mobile.

  • Exit link and Google Adsense tracking clicks!

  • By including your website in our free website directory, we will help you to increase your page rank and your website traffic .

    AddFreeStats analytics

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