Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Get 200,000 Page Views On Blogger

So you setup your blog, picked a theme. Found some cool widgets.
But what now?. Your not a writer, but you have some things to say.
Your not an artist, but can find some photos.
The concept of the internet is that content is king.
So after about 15 to 30 posts you do not know what to do.
My suggestion-use the content that is out there to fit your niche.
Try lots of youtube video. Use images FROM BLOGGER-why because your free
image storage will burn up fast. Suddenly if your getting a decent amount of visitors blogger will start zapping your images. They will not appear and a black box with a cross through it will. So do a BING search for images and include the word blogspot at the end. These images are stored in the blogger data base and when called from a url will not disappear. Need even more-try the site to rss feed readers that are out there.
Constantly updated content you need to do nothing for. Another tip-invite guest bloggers to post to your site.

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