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Healthy eating has become a way of life-These Recipe and food widgets are great for family blogs and sites,healthy eating blogs etc. In java script for websites or blogs.
This unique recipe widget is perfect for cooking sites,
Works in a sidebar
These widgets will conform to your blogs css-This site uses a custom css style which you probably do not-So your scrollers will look different. White is normal custom link colors etc-try it!

Or Try "My Recipe Post" Most Popular
A scrolling best recipes widget 180 x 250

My Recipe Post
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Most Popular

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Stir-fried black bean Pork Belly with Cucumber and Pork Belly stew with potatoes
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Thai Laksa with Prawns Recipe
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..........From The Food Channel..... New Recipes, in A Manual Scroll Rss Widget With mini wrapper

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Simply Recipes Scroll Widget
Simply Recipes
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        Or Use The Meijer Meal Box Widget-A super Interactive Meal planning widget

Food Wishes Video Recipes-Awesome Cooking Video You Can Watch In The Widget!--its a large widget 550px x 400px but super full of solid cooking recipes and video from the Great Chef John.
In java script and html. From 

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