Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make Your Windows Run Like New!

As a computer technician I have to be aware of the things which might harm or damage a computer. In today's Internet world the possibilities for harm to your computer are great. You need to install certain programs- or scanners which will find the Adware in your cookies,Find the spyware on your computer and protect it from virus's. You could spend a lot of money for these Items, But you don't have to!.
This section features computer protection freeware which has protected my computer and that of hundreds of others. I have found these programs to work well with windows,have minimal or no crashing, and scan my machine well. They have been used for years. I hope that you will download these from their respective sites and install them-
Thanks! Gary Graefen

Adaware: A Program By LAVA SOFT which does an excellent job of scanning for adware and eliminates them. I use this every 2 days to get rid of garbage.
SpyBot: Scans your computer for spyware, and eliminates it. It also will lock out spyware. It has served me well for years.

Another Product I highly recommend is
CacheMan sets your windows cache size in windows xp. This allows faster access to your programs and data. A recommended setting is 1/4 of your total on board memory. Best used with windows xp and before.

Eusing Windows registry cleaner. This really speeds up your computer!.
CCleaner is another wonderful free tool to free up disk space,clean your registry, and make windows zing!. I use it in conjunction with eusing to get a through job done.

And do not forget system cleanup and a defragmenting!

The Free Viral scanner by GrisSoft
Updates automatically and has worked better for me than Norton or Mccaffe
I couldn't recommend it higher!


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