Friday, July 12, 2013

The Use Of The Marquee In Blog Posts, and generator

Welcome to Widgets Of Value..We think you will enjoy your visit..This web site is updated on a regular basis..
Just enter your words,scroll speed,width, and height,choose your background color in the text box below for a custom Marquee on your blog posts. Tell the world a message on every post. When your done just copy and paste your marquee

Use this hex color generator for your background color code
Another Example
Widgets Of Value Is Pleased Your Here!
Copy and paste This Code After entering your Modifications
 Test My Code
Copy and paste from above into the upper test window
you can scroll left right up or down
change the font
and the font size
Another Style Marquee-Here.............................Open A WYSIWYG Editor...Here
More Commands In A New Window Here

Center The Generator In The Frame And Build

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