Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Windows 7- can't pin windows to the screen-Solved

As a web master and blogger sometimes I haver to create graphics on the fly-fast and furious.

Sometimes I screen grab and then want words pasted into the image. When I do-the grabbing programs minimizes automatically. Annoying because the next step is often a save. This program for windows saved me. I am using Windows 7 with basic Ibm hardware.  The programs provider only says to 2003. But it is working great for me. It saves time and aggravation.

It is appropriately called DeskPins---

Keeping windows on always top

DeskPins description

Here are some key features of "DeskPins":

· Unlimited number of pins available.
· Intelligent handling of various application types.
· Powerful wildcard-based automatic pin support.
· Global hotkeys.
· Negligible system resources usage.

· 386/10MHz class CPU or higher
· 4 MB RAM
· less than 200 KB of free disk space
· 4 bpp (16 colors) minimum - 8 bpp (256 colors) or more recommended

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Autopin feature.
· Better localization support. DeskPins now supports separate language packs,
 instead of including all languages in the main program file.
· Pins can be of any color.
· Full XP theme support.
· Tab-based Options dialog.
· Fixed a multi-monitor bug reported by Grant Emsley and tested
 on multi-monitors system.
· Fixed a bug that would crash DeskPins just before exiting on Win9x
 (options were not written in the registry).

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