Saturday, November 30, 2013

20 Hot Flash Clocks

More Great Flash Clocks

Rolling Stones Magazine Rss Feed And Rock and Roll Video Widget

Awesome rolling stones magazine rss feed, links in new window. And an awesome mini string of youtube video rock and roll. Very cool widget! Copy and paste this code:

Fun Widget code to play with. Your welcome message scrolls in left, and then your message or sales pitch scrolls upward.
Welcome To Widgets Of Value! Text scrolls from the bottom
of the text area to the top
using the tags. Enter the text
you want to scroll, set a couple
of parameters and you are ready to go.
Excellent technique for
displaying news or
announcements on a blog site.

Insert A LINK Here

Copy and paste the code below after putting your message where ours is.
  Test My Code
Test your code in the new tab,


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Dynamic Drive Links Widget

Your text, and your links in a rotating, auto sizing widget. Ours is 150 x 150 for a sidebar or blog corner. This widget is in java script for blogs and websites Use the text window below to put your urls and text,then just copy the whole window and paste.Test My Code when done editing. This widget allows remote calls to embedded flash,photos or?-You can rotate up to four windows, this is super code,used on our front page.
Sun Sign Personality Widget 
Fun And Informative Widget this unique script.
Edit your code here:

Wanted By The FBI Widgets

Wanted By The FBI Widgets Add links to FBI content by incorporating the widgets and modules below into your own website or blog. Open site in a new window To place these modules on your site, simply copy the code beneath the desired module and paste it into your blog or website’s code editing field. The code, which employs i-frame tags, will deliver the module(s) to your site. Open site in a new window

 Most wanted bank robbers:

Copy and paste this code:

Center For Disease And Control Widgets and Gadgets

Grab thousands of exceptional widgets from the website. Copy and paste your code right from here. provides content in several useful ways, via our e-mail updates, podcasts and RSS feeds. Our newest features are the Emerging Infectious Disease, Everyday Health and the CDC Vital Signs Widget. Widgets are online applications Built by one Web site that can be displayed onto another Web site. A widget is a application that displays the featured content directly on your web page. You can embed content in personalized home pages, blogs, and other sites. Once you've added the widget, there's no technical maintenance. will update the content automatically. Adding a widget to your page means that you will have up-to-date, credible health and safety content in your favorite spaces – no more searching or browsing! Stay informed about the health content that is most meaningful to you. Search The Entire System Here     CDC RSS Feeds Here

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Online Css Code Generator For Copy And Paste

To use this generator make your css choices in the fields above. Then click Generate css code. Copy and paste your code ABOVE the text you wish to have in css format. Make sure you include the </style> command or it will not work. This generator creates all the code you need to change the font,size, and colors. It also works with any links you might have.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Your Sun Sign Personality Widget

Copy and paste this code:

Adobe Tips And Tricks Widget

Adobe Tips And Tricks Widget Scrollable widget of adobes latest tips and tricks
 Great for developer web sites and blogs In java script
Copy and paste this code

Or Try This One:

Get Widget 
Copy and paste this code:

8 Major News Services Widgets

Just Copy and paste the code below the news scroller of your choice
Major News Services Widgets in java script for blogs and websites,.Create Your Own Here
Komo News
rss feed widget 
Abc News Top Headlines
rss feed widget 
ABC News Most Watched Video
rss feed widget 
Top NBC News Headlines
rss feed widget 
The BBC News
rss feed widget 
Reuters Top News
rss feed widget 
Access Hollywood Celebrity News
rss feed widget 
Huffington Post Politics
rss feed widget 

Huffington Post "Style Magazine" Widget

Huffington Post Style Magazine Widget----More Here
Make this an entire free content blog on celebrity and fashion blogs

Copy and Paste this code:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scientific Calculator Widget

Copy and paste this code:

Many More scientific and math related widgets here

Friday, November 22, 2013

A 200 Image Slideshow For A Sidebar

Quick copy and paste 200 photo slideshow, 3D image gallery. Sized 180 x 180 for a side bar. In html for a html text box or the body of a blog or webpage. Awesome 3d images which have a new viewership every decade.


Copy and paste this code:

Like this widget and want to create your own?--Click Here
You must have a flicker account

 Or Some Unusual Daily Stuff: The Punch Bowl widget

Create A Free Map Widget For Your Local Business

Use This widget Generator to build a widget to help people find things near your business, Build customer good will! A free widget from Trip Advisor

Use This New Tab To View your generated widget
Paste Your Code in the top window Preview is at the bottom--Create a Road Report Widget Here
  Test My Code
or you can use our general purpose Google Map Widget It will zero in on an address-Here

Series By Independent Producers For NPR Widget

A fun scroll-able list of mp3's to play and npr news
resize your widget with the height and width in the code.

  Copy and Paste....>

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Discovery News Video Player Widget

Yes you can stream discovery video right to you website or blog. In java script for blogs and websites. An interactive widget-user can add and subtract capability Will size according to width of screen-can be used in a side bar

Copy and paste this code

Super Attractive Calendar

A visually impressive calendar. Use on blogs and websites. In html Super bang for your buck :)

Copy and Paste this code:

Need a calculator?--Try the calendars matching cousin-click here     More Calendars

Or this one..........

Copy And Paste This Code

copy and paste this code:

Associated Press Scrolling News Widget 170 x 450

Use This associated press scrolling news widget The widget is 170 x 450, and scrolls associated news daily. Major headlines,science,technology,entertainment and more. Works best on white backgrounds but retains the css formatting of your blog text and colors. If your blog is white it will appear as a white widget with a dark grey border. If you are good with html you can change the colors to suit. This widget seems like endless news. Sidebar sized:
This code is for dark backgrounds

Change the height and width in the code below
change the text size ie: 7pt to 14pt
change the scroll speed
change the background ie: bgcolor change the border colors.

Use This New Tab To Test Any Code Changes You Make.
Paste Your Code in the top window Preview is at the bottom
  Test My Code Copy and paste this code: It is for light backgrounds
Another AP sidebar widget-top 10 news articles daily

use the color picker to get your border choices,

Get Widget
Looks Great On White!

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