Thursday, November 21, 2013

Associated Press Scrolling News Widget 170 x 450

Use This associated press scrolling news widget The widget is 170 x 450, and scrolls associated news daily. Major headlines,science,technology,entertainment and more. Works best on white backgrounds but retains the css formatting of your blog text and colors. If your blog is white it will appear as a white widget with a dark grey border. If you are good with html you can change the colors to suit. This widget seems like endless news. Sidebar sized:
This code is for dark backgrounds

Change the height and width in the code below
change the text size ie: 7pt to 14pt
change the scroll speed
change the background ie: bgcolor change the border colors.

Use This New Tab To Test Any Code Changes You Make.
Paste Your Code in the top window Preview is at the bottom
  Test My Code Copy and paste this code: It is for light backgrounds
Another AP sidebar widget-top 10 news articles daily

use the color picker to get your border choices,

Get Widget
Looks Great On White!

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