Monday, November 18, 2013

Dashboard Radio Streaming Widget

Now A Free Windows Download All Versions !

By Widgets Of Value
Push the button, up pops the radio station with complete control in a new window,
jazz,hit,rock,fuzzy warm User can search player for what ever they want.
Dashboard Radio widget fits a sidebar and is in html.
Put this widget at the end of your blog posts-with a headline like because we care :)
If you modify the code,please leave our link

 Dashboard Radio

Change The Border Colors
Change the height and width
Change The background color-bgcolor
Use This New Tab To Test Any Code Changes You Make.
Paste Your Code in the top window Preview is at the bottom
  Test My Code
Copy and Paste This Code

Use The color picker to choose your colors :)

Here's One In 60's Style Color With A Background

Dashboard Radio

Copy and paste this code:

 Ok here's a doozy. we take care of the links and programs.... you get the credit ;)
 Copy and paste this code:

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