Monday, December 9, 2013

UP Date: Free Auto Updating Current News Scrolling Widget

It has been important to make this code be cross css and have portability. So I have used this code to create a widget which follows the css of your blog yet pauses with the mouse and maintains its css sizing and then opens all links in a new window. This is straight html with java script , excellent hosts and should be good for a very long time. This widget is a bit wider dimension of 550 wide x 150-On a white theme it renders blue links and black text. Your theme?-give it a shot you might be surprised! Your theme will determine the output: . Ours is white letters on black text with yellow links. This is the closest I have been able to come to a replacement widget.-Created By Widgets Of Value
 Free Auto Updating Current News Scrolling Widget:

Copy and paste This 

Code: You can edit the tables features if you dare!

...Test My Code ...---
The Color picker opens in a new window
Any feedback on this widget would be appreciated!

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