Friday, January 31, 2014

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Website Spell Check Information:

This spell check lets you spell check your entire website for spelling mistakes.
  • Make sure you put in the correct website address (i.e. include www if your site pages are called with www, etc.).
  • Be sure to check your email account in the next few minutes to ensure you do not miss the spelling error report. If you don’t see the report in the next few minutes, check your spam folder to ensure the report was not misidentified.
  • If your site is less than 60 pages, you'll be emailed a complete spelling error report containing every possible mistake on your website. If your site is greater than 60 pages, you'll receive a partial spelling error report containing a number of possible spelling mistakes on your website.
  • Feel free to place this form on your web page by copying the website spell checking code at no cost.

Enter website to spell check:

Enter the email address where you want
to receive the free spell check reports:

Copy And Paste This Code:

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