Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Skeptical Science Global Warming Widget

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copy and paste this code:  The earth has warmed rapidly over the past century due mainly to human activity, and especially over the past few decades. The increased greenhouse effect has warmed the land and air and melted ice, but most of it (about 90%) has gone into heating the oceans. Several Skeptical Science contributors worked together to publish a scientific paper1 which combined the land, air, ice, and ocean warming data. It found that for recent decades the earth has been heating at a rate of 250 trillion Joules per second. “Joules per second” is a difficult unit of measure to appreciate, and is especially foreign to people who are unfamiliar with science. This widget attempts to put that heating into terms that are easier to visualize. 250 trillion Joules per second is equivalent to: Detonating four Hiroshima atomic bombs per second Experiencing two Hurricane Sandys per second Enduring four 6.0 Richter scale earthquakes per second Being struck by 500,000 lightning bolts per second Exploding more than eight Big Ben towers, with every inch packed full of dynamite, per second

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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