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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free Stock Chart Bottom Line Widgets

Use at the bottom Of a blog or webpage, These worked great on a web page-Blogs try it

copy and paste this code:

  copy and paste this code:

Paleo Table Widget: Recipes And Meal Planning

Meal Planning and recipe Widget
 copy and paste this code:
  ............................More Options Here

Huffington Post Search Widget

copy and paste this code:

Food Blog Search Widget

Food Blog Search Widget..........Another Search Widget Here
copy and paste this code:

Large but the search stays in the window

Copy and paste this code:

Extra Tv Widgets

Extra Tv Widgets-You can change the height and width in the code  copy and paste this code:
  copy and paste this code:
  copy and paste this code:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daily Top News Stories Rss Widget For Digg

An attractive and attention getting Rss Feed widget for Digg
Copy And Paste This Code

Friday, October 17, 2014

Jamendo Music Player Widgets

You can now choose from 2 different layouts: "Standard" is classic-but-larger format, while "Cover" brings out the artwork of the album or song played. It's now available for playlists! It is, of course, customizable; you are able to choose the theme colors, the size, the number of tracks displayed, etc. If you want to share more, you can tweet or post on Facebook right from the widget.

Just Browse Jamendo Find A musician or artist you Like and click embed, You will get the code for a super Jamendo Widget for your website or blog.--Search For Your Widget Here

Google Finance Widgets

Google Finance Currencies

Displays currency exchange rates. Data are loaded from Google Finance
Download Google Finance Currencies module

copy and paste this code:

Google Finance Summary

Displays live chart with market indexes state for 12 hours.
Download Google Finance Summary module

copy and paste this code:

Google Finance World markets

Displays World Market indexes data table.
Download Google Finance World markets module

copy and paste this code:

Google Finance Market Bonds

Displays Market Bonds rates.
copy and paste this code: Finance And Business Widgets

Economic Calendar Widget
Real Time Economic Calendar provided by
copy and paste this code:
 Technical Summary Widget
Technical Summary Widget Powered by
copy and paste this code:

 Live Currency Cross Rates Tool
The Forex Quotes are powered by

copy and paste this code:
 Commodities Quotes Widget
Commodities are powered by copy and paste this code:
Leading Stocks Widget
Leading Stock Quotes powered by
copy and paste this code:

Customize Or More Here

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bankrate's CD Calculator

CD Calculator
The words in the widget are hidden because of our blogs css
They will show in yours

copy and paste this code:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Widgets Of Value-Is Your Blog Boring?

As you might have guessed I didn't start out as a blogger. I actually started creating websites.
As I roam the web I find all sorts of blogs which have great content. But they are all basic white. With a template, but little style. Many get a certain amount of visitors but they seldom return.
The web offers a multitude of different layout styles and color combinations which can allow some pizzazz to your blog.

I spend a great deal of time looking for widget wrapper concepts which can offer a more eye candy look. Granted if you write for the New York Times and have a loyal following you probably do not need to stand out from the crowd. But if you are like most-A bit of spit and polish in the looks department certainly cannot hurt. Widgets offer great free content, the ability to change the look and feel of a blog. Css use allows a colorful and intriguing look, which can make you stand out.
Widgets Of Value is a work site-or lots of people come here to create something unique with our tools. Consequently I decided that low level light on our users eyes was preferable. They can spend more time creating and with less eye strain. Changing the look of your blog periodically can add a return interest. You as a blogger are not a major news source. Gurus always suggest a niche you can fill for a successful blog. Hand in Hand would be a look that differentiates you from the pack. Think about why your vistor is there and try to accommodate them with a stand out presentation. Webmasters have been doing this for years-and you can to with your blog.

Learn to use the custom template creator in blogger-or try to find a stand out word press theme. Create a "test blog" where you can experiment. Then adorn with eye catching and fun widgets which follow your niche. When your done, copy your ideas to a functional blog.
   You can use widgets in a blog post to!. They can compliment your post with relevant information or helpful tips. Rss Widgets at the bottom of a post can add free and important information which relates to your content. Learn a bit about the use of html. It is the language of the web because it is so versatile. You can just be a writer, millions are-But why? Learn to entertain and get creative-People will return just to see whats new.  Magazines for years have provided a colorful and fun experience. They don't compete with newspapers-they differentiate themselves with a fun polished look that makes people buy them. Your blog can do the same thing. If you use Adsense you will find that different color combinations can really affect the ads that make there way to your blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slideshow And Banner Rotate From URL Generator


Use this Java Script generator to create the code to rotate up

to 10 different Banners or Photos On A Web Page Or Blog

Banner Details:
Automatically refresh image   How often:   seconds
New image with every page load
Where do you want the page to open:
same page (top)
existing 'new' page (new)
new blank page (blank)
Image width:       
Image height:      

Banner rotator number:       
if you have multiple banner rotators on the one page, choose a DIFFERENT number here for each one you generate

url for link 1:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 2:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 3:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 4:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 5:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 6:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 7:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 8:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 9:
url of image:
alt text:
url for link 10:
url of image:
alt text:

Bing: Search For Widgets


Get Yours Here
Other Sites By Gary Graefen
Best Of YouTube 

Entertainment Thoughts And Concerns Of Gary Graefen
Minutia Matters
Smart Phone News !
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Join Pinterest And create your own widget FREE
With Specific Sites It Searches


The Key Words below can be searched
By hitting the cntrl-f keys. This brings up a browser search window. Type in your interest
and the links will be highlighted.
The Larger The Text The More Popular The Widget
Hard to read? Find your Browsers Zoom In!







Key Words

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