Saturday, October 11, 2014

Create CSS Widget Wrappers

Step 1 Open The Css Graphics Generator In a new Tab---Open Generator

Choose your colors And change your width and height to the value you require in the code window.
 Then place your text or code where it says
Just enter your text here below in the code window,
 use the center html command to get it right. You can just use our code for a 200x600 widget and change the colors and size in the code. You can use the html editor to the right to load your code below into it and just enter your text,video,flash or?

Our example:
Enter Your Text And Html here

Add The center html command like below-and in between your rss code or html
If you use our rss system size your rss widget to about 580 high and 190 wide
Then copy and paste all your code:
You can change the border size,height and width,color,radius in the code below:
Use the html tester to the right to check your changes

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