Monday, November 16, 2015

Magazine Style Fill In The Blank Table Form

By using the table form code in the copy window below I created the example blog post with some simple modifications after a copy to a blogger editor. I used the editor we have here online at Widgets Of Value. Or just copy the table code to your favorite editor and fill in the blanks. Height and width can be changed. border or no,  You can copy images right from the internet.

Gary Graefens Example Of using table layouts in blogs

My Grumpy Cats
My Personal Blog 
Minutia Matters
Smart Phone News !
The Boon Dockers
Shopp Sensation

Heres a simple 12 box table with some css style to it
Table Header Table Header Table Header
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell

Copy the code and paste into your blogger Editor:
Then Put your words or links where it says table cell.
You can use Photos to,resize them to fit.

A simple two column layout size your photo to fit
Photo Photo
Photo Photo
 Text and photo
Copy and paste this code into your blog editor

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