Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Blogger Blank Web Page Template

Yes I looked all over to find a template for a blank page. Why?... Some of the widgets here rely on outside text files. Usually formatted with css. But you cannot center the text you need if your page is full of margins and tabs. So I went to work and manually pulled everything I could from the blogger template. None of the "Blank" templates I tried would even allow you to use the editor to create or save a page. Mine does. It took hours to make it happen. It is not perfect but works well. You now get a massive screen area to work within. The use of tables will be needed. Just copy the code in the window below into your blogger template html area. After removing the old code of course. Then save. You no longer have a sidebar or any real formatting that's up to you now :). I highly recommend you try this first with a brand new test blog. You do not want to mess up your Current template if you use it. Click Here For An Example blog after the template was changed Copy and paste this code into the blogger template area:

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