Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Has Your Blogger Blog Been Hacked?

Recently someone managed to get the pass word to get into my Google Account.
They were kind enough to insert a java script re-direct into the Blogger HTML section which formats a blog.
I had found this code and removed it. Not 10 minutes later it was re-inserted.
This made me realize someone had the password to my account. After changing the pass word, LOGGING OUT, and then re-logging in with the new password. I was able to take a "BACKUP" copy of the html template for this blog and re-insert it cleanly. No more re-directs and the fiend was locked out.
It is extremely important to use the built in tools blogger gives you to backup your Template HTML AND your blog itself.

That way if your hacked you can fix the issue.

Where you find the button for editing your html Blogger layout.
Many tips for interesting blogger modifications are put into this section.

<Click The edit html button

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Multi-Function Widget

 Copy And Paste This Code

Religious Cross Clock

more free widgets
Cross Style Clock For Website or blog
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more free widgets

Spinning Globe Web Clock
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Calendar: Clock Widgets

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  Beautiful Nature Calendar Copy And Paste This Code

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